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Frequently asked Questions

Why should I baref my dog?

There are numerous reasons for this, the most important of which are:

1. No additives - Conventional dog food contains numerous additives, which make digestion difficult for our 4 legs and lead to numerous complaints such as diarrhea, vomiting and sluggishness. Since our barf consists exclusively of high quality raw meat and vegetables, digestion is noticeably improved, which gives your dog more energy and quality of life.

2. Less excrement - Since our barf has a high nutritional value and can therefore be completely processed by the dog's body, the production of excrements is reduced to a minimum.

3. Healthier teeth and shiny fur - Our barf covers the complete food needs of dogs, which ensures a beautifully shiny coat, keeps teeth healthy and reduces bad breath.

Do I have to add other foods as well?

No, our Nutridog Barf contains all the nutrients for a healthy diet and nothing more needs to be fed.

Can I easily convert my dog ​​to barf?

Clearly YES, you can switch your dog to barf without any problems.

How is the meat delivered?

Our Nutridog-Barf is delivered frozen butcher-fresh to your home in a thermo bag within 36 hours.

How much barf should I give my dog?

There is a very simple formula for this:

2.5% per kg body weight for adult dogs per day

3% per kg body weight for young animals per day

2% per kg body weight for older dogs per day

Example: 20 * 2.5% = 500g Barf

How is barf fed?

Barf is fed raw directly and must never be cooked.

How do I prepare the meat for feeding?

Our barf is delivered fresh and frozen and should be thawed at room temperature. Under no circumstances should it be thawed in warm water as this can cause bacteria.

Is this a secure online shop?

Yes, our payments are all SSL encrypted and our top priority is customer satisfaction, which is also reflected in our certified customer ratings.

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